Who We Are

We Are A

A Ministry Network

As a Ministry Network we connect a growing number of churches and ministry organizations around the world to lead Next Generation Disciples in a global movement. This special connectivity will make it possible for best practices to be shared and new doors of opportunity will be opened. Churches and ministry organizations, when choosing to serve the Lord together in harmony, bring greater value and impact to the community and world.


Our Vision is to see churches around the world actively pursuing Next Generation Discipleship


Our Mission is to serve pastors, leaders, and parents with excellence as they put to good use biblically based training solutions, ministry resources, and outreach opportunities.

We Value

We Value Pastors and Parents working together to lead children to Jesus and helping them grow in His grace and knowledge to become spiritual champions


The people of Global Children’s Network stand wholeheartedly for the primacy and centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible is God’s redemptive story for humanity and that in the Scriptures Jesus is revealed as God who became human and lived among us and gave himself up for us through his vicarious and atoning death on the cross…

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What is Global Children's Network?
  • We are an international network of like-minded pastors, parents, ministry leaders, and volunteers that work together to unite the church and home in the development of next generation disciples.
What is a Malachi Kids Club?
  • Malachi Kids Club is a ministry platform by Global Children’s Network consisting of a global family of children, youth, and family ministry leaders dedicated to helping churches around the world raise up outstanding next generation disciples.
Where are Malachi Kids Clubs located?
  • We are rapidly expanding to all regions of the world. There are over half a million children and teens being discipled in 7,000 Malachi Kid’s churches and homes in 44 countries. We are looking forward to having you and your church join this amazing network!
What do I need to get started?
  • All your church needs to get started is four to five hours of training. This can be done at the church or on ZOOM. Our resources are free which means your church no costs outside of facility usage.
Is there a set of lessons - a curriculum?
  • Our primary curriculum is God’s curriculum, the Bible! We also have Leader’s Manuals, Leader’s Guides, Parent’s Guide’s, a Game Book, and more.


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