Scientists say Costa Rica has 500,000 different species of plants, animals, and insects. They also say over 300,000 of them are insects.

After spending a few days traversing the country from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean and a few nights out in the jungle with Pastor David Salazar, I want to confirm that the bugs are all doing quite well. In all seriousness, Costa Rica is blessed with a stunning ecosystem. 

     One evening at a jungle B&B, a family of Howler Monkeys came to visit us.

The sounds coming from these little creatures was more than surprising. They were deep and loud and an unsuspecting visitor would swear that very large gorillas were sitting on the roof! 


Rather than recount each meeting with pastors and ministry leaders and volunteers let me simply say that Pastor David kept us in motion for a full eight days. This included over 20 meetings with several hundred pastors, ministry leaders, and volunteers throughout the country. We had meetings close to the beautiful shores of the Pacific Ocean on the western side of Costa Rica and we met with the queen of the BreBre people just a few miles from the Caribbean.

Pastor David did an outstanding job interpreting for me the entire time. He never missed a beat in keeping up with my rapid-fire preaching style, hand gestures and voice intonations included. All in all, the response to our Global Children’s Network presentations was positive with a strong appeal for training to begin as soon as possible.

Because of this unexpected demand to fully train churches now, we have decided to change our Malachi Kids Leadership training Conference from November to the end of August and the first part of September. Please let me know if you desire to travel with us at some point in the future.

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