The queen of the BreBre first nations people in Costa Rica is Ana Maura. Her husband, a wonderful, enterprising man, is Bartolino. Pastor David and I had lunch one day with Irene, Bartolino’s mother. Irene spent over an hour preparing our food, but mostly she talked with us about tribal history and the Lord.

The story of faith begins with Ana Maura. She had a strange dream several years ago. A person in the dream told her to go to a specific place and there she would meet someone that would instruct her. That someone turned our to be Pastor David who happened to be the speaker at a Christian camp. This encounter resulted in Ana Maura placing her faith in Jesus. Things have not been the same for the BreBre people because Ana Maura is on mission to make Christ known to her nation!

The leadership of the entire nation is now open to the gospel and GCN has been officially invited to help train people from their towns and villages scattered among the hills and mountains of Costa Rica.

This will result in new churches being planted and lots of discipleship training both in the churches and homes of the BreBre.


Just about every country on planet earth has original settlers we now choose to call “ first nations peoples”. I personally like the designation as it gives often forgotten people a distinction and respectable status as those who first arrived long, long ago. Interestingly, Christian missionaries have struggled with their outreach strategies and efforts among most tribal groups. It dawned on me when talking with Ana Maura that the BreBre have a storytelling culture. Our Malachi Kids ministry platform is based on the Bible which is God’s big story revealing the redemption of fallen humanity. The Bible itself is full of stories that serve to build our foundations of understanding and guide us to personal faith in Jesus.

     What if GCN successfully serves the BreBre over the next few years by helping Ana Maura and Bartolino reach their people with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Can we build an outstanding partnership that can showcase to mission groups what the Lord has chosen to do through the use of story and christian service? You may agree with me that this opportunity is unprecedented and can be a most effective tool in building new bridges to still unreached people groups. 

     It is therefore our desire to proceed with a ministry plan for our new friends and the BreBre nation the Lord has called them to reach for Jesus. Please prayerfully consider serving with us in this new adventure.

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