Pastor Parents Partnership promoted across Asian countries

Our GCN Asia executive director William Gordon just sent our team over 80 WhatsApp messages teeming with pictures and stats from Malachi Kid’s Club conferences across a number of states in India.

Let us touch some highlights with a few places, pictures, and stats.

Please keep in mind that what is happening in India is also happening in a growing number of countries around the world, namely the rising up of pastors willing to become spiritual captains that train and commission parents to begin biblical discipleship in their homes and church. Our vision and mission is rather unique.

We call this the PASTOR~PARENT PARTNERSHIP and it is changing the current paradigm regarding how the church views next generation discipleship.

Training was conducted in 9 districts

(equivalent to counties in the USA)

Churches involved: 560

Pastors attended: 440

Sunday school kids
represented in the 560 churches: 14,872

Districts reached: 11

Families represented in these churches: Over 6,000

GCN India is now in 7 states

William and his team of state directors are wonderful to watch. The men and women serving with GCN across India are called of God and fearless in their quest to help churches disciple the next generation.

Have you ever thought about supporting a national missionary, one that is bearing much spiritual fruit for God’s kingdom?

Please ask the Lord if this is something He might bless in your life.

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