The country of Panama is directly south of Costa Rica. Shortly after dropping me off at the airport for my return trip to the States, Pastor David traveled to Panama to meet with the leaders of the largest Christian denomination in the country. They warmly received him, listened to his GCN presentation, and readily approved the first week of September for training their churches. It is simply amazing how the Lord continues to open doors just as the Apostle Paul describes this unique phenomenon in 1 Corinthians 16:9. 

To see the big picture regarding the grand adventure that awaits us, consider the following numbers. There are an estimated five million churches in the world today. Many of them need to realign themselves to the “Great Commission” which can be communicated in two words, MAKE DISCIPLES.

GCN endeavors to connect with one million churches within the next ten years to help them effectively make next generation disciples. We will do this by providing excellent training solutions, a wide range of digital resources, and a global network that will effectively connect pastors and children, youth, and family ministry advocates.

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