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What makes GCN unique is our excellent multilingual digital resources that we provide to churches for free. Our library includes material for pastors, parents, and church volunteers that train them to lead and become spiritual leaders in church and at home.

Malachi Kids is our premiere ministry platform that is dedicated to raising the next generation of outstanding disciples. Below are free materials to get started on the program.


For more information, requests for additional materials, or questions about our resources, please contact us.

Malachi Kid's Club

This user-friendly ministry platform has two parts:

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Step 1: Malachi Kids Club takes place at the church or a designated location on a weekly basis. It can effectively replace a traditional Sunday School program. Or it can take place on one of the mid-week days in the afternoon or evening, pastors and leaders can choose the weekend. Since Malachi Kids belongs to each local church, the church family can choose any preferred time

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Step 2: Malachi Family Club is the wonderful and exciting home portion. That’s because it connects parents and their children in a most creative way! To discover how this is done please read our free downloads below.

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Other Platforms

Academia GCN

Academia GCN provee la información y los recursos de GCN para los lideres, padres, y pastores de los paises hispanos.

Family Camps

Family Camps is one of our newest and quickly growing programs for churches around the world. To learn more about hosting a Family Camp event, please contact us.

iTee Global

iTee Global and GCN have partnered to provide training for pastors, parents, and ministry volunteers in churches globally. To learn more about iTee, see Our Partnerships below.

Our Partnerships

As a ministry network we will be connecting a growing number of churches and ministry organizations around the world. This special connectivity will make it possible for best practices to be shared and new doors of opportunity will be opened. Churches and ministry organizations, when choosing to serve the Lord together in harmony, bring greater value and impact to the community and world.

Bruce O’Neal founded Manna Worldwide 20 years ago to help churches reach out to the very poorest in their communities. Today Manna operates in 49 countries. They have asked GCN to serve the churches they serve. Training is underway and our plans for 2020 include training Manna church volunteers to disciple children and youth through Malachi Kids.

George Law founded iTee Global to provide a digital training platform for Christians actively serving in ministry. Several GCN missionaries are already taking courses online and more of our GCN directors and personnel will benefit from the many courses now available. GCN and iTee Global will work together going forward to provide training for pastors, parents, and ministry volunteers in churches globally. This is part of our GCN FAMILY UNIVERSITY.

Clint May, founder and executive director of Leaders in Training Ministry, is a gifted leadership curriculum writer and he specializes in activating children and youth in works of ministry. GCN is already utilizing his Leader’s Guide in Africa. We have determined that it is unnecessary to attempt to “reinvent the wheel” in all we do. We are free to connect with those that provide the best resources in specific areas and our partnership enables us to make a greater impact.

Founded by a personal friend of Jack Eggar in 1992, Charles Kelley has had a passion to reach the people of the Baltic countries with
the gospel of Jesus beginning with Latvia but also including Estonia and Lithuania. BBI is helping GCN connect with pastors and churches.

Josh Denhart is in demand across the USA. He founded Kidmin Science to teach children and youth the wonders of God’s creation. His science conferences and resources including VBS and a top notch volunteer training course are high quality. GCN and Kidmin Science have united in order to bring our combined teaching resources to churches everywhere. Josh and his family traveled to Costa Rica in November to participate in our Malachi Kid’s Leadership Training Conference.


Empowering churches to lead next generation disciples.


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