I Support Africa’s Printing Needs

Africa - Liberia

Liberia’s GCN Country Missionary, Christopher Swen, recently spent quality time together with over 50 women and men from six churches.

They were trained using the Malachi Kids Club platform to run an effective children’s ministry with emphasis on discipleship.

Liberia is just one of over 20 countries in Africa using the Malachi Kids Club platform.   Every week more and more children are being taught how to tell God’s stories and in turn they become the Next Generation Disciples for Jesus Christ.

Africa needs printed materials.

Just like everywhere in the world, the Internet is not reliable in the rural parts of it. And Africa has a lot of rural areas across the continent. So the need for printed materials is greatest in Africa. Will you prayerfully consider supporting Africa’s printing needs so another child can become a Next Generation Disciple for Jesus Christ?

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