GCN Unique Approach

Up until now, we have all been focused primarily on reaching out to Church Pastors. Taking them through Malachi Kids Club training challenging them to return to their churches on mission to train and COMMISSION Church Parents to begin spiritual training and conversation with their children at home.

It looks like this: Pastor + Parent Partnership = Next Generation Disciple. We have been calling this our “top down” approach. But, what about parents or grandparents in churches where pastors are not yet onboard with GCN and the PASTOR-PARENT PARTNERSHIP ministry platform we provide?

How about a “bottom up” approach? Shall we not go ahead and train parents to begin storying at home with their children in hopes that pastors will one day join in? So, I took them through several hours of online ZOOM training and then they were commissioned in a special digital commissioning service.

Story Telling Training
Spiritual Commissioning
Next Generation Disciple

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