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My draw to GCN was an invitation from my good friend, Jack Eggar, who first opened my eyes in 2005 of the strategic importance and priority of reaching children and families with the gospel of Jesus Christ as the most effective way to build the Kingdom of God.  That started a series of periodic partnerships in various efforts over the years to advance that message, including this most recent manifestation called: Global Children's Network.

Pastor Mark Gonzales

Board of Directors Member

Our world is in uncertain and unprecedented times, and the only hope we have is the Gospel.  Given the 4-14 window, the impact of the Gospel in the plan of God seems to be maximized in children's ministry and GCN is working hard not only at introducing children to the Gospel around the world, but also in seeing them love God and obey His Word.  The impact is already monumental, and it is growing!

Pastor Rob Godard

Board of Directors Member

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