The first training and ministry platform delivery test took place in Tanzania, Africa in March of 2018 under the capable leadership of Paul Mamba. The test proved successful and by the end of the year, Global Children's Network had expanded to nine other countries.

Today, Global Children's Network has developed into a network of children, youth, and family ministry leaders, pastors, and parents from country to country around the world. We provide the amazing ministry platform called Malachi Kids Club which is free to churches around the world. See our world impact.

A NOTE TO DONORS Our network of leaders and children has a wide range of needs to fill. From sponsoring missionaries, to project resources, every cent and dollar is spent towards equipping churches to make next generation disciples. Donate here.

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Statement of Faith

OUR STAND The people of Global Children’s Network wholeheartedly uphold the primacy and centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is God’s story of redemption for mankind and that in the scriptures Jesus is revealed as God who became human and lived among us and gave himself up for us through His vicarious, atoning death on the cross.


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Responsibility to Children

It is said about Jesus “Though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor that we through His Poverty might become rich!” This is the grandest view of generosity within all of literature! It is the love of God in action! ...What is influencing Christian wealth builders today to leave the preponderance of their residue to their offspring or siblings, of which many of them are not in touch with the Lord’s eternal purposes?


The 4-14 Window

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  • The 4-14 Window represents a demographic mission’s concept:

“The world’s largest, most reachable, and most spiritually open people group—all the children of the world between the ages of 4 and 14.”

  • More children are alive today than at any other time in human history—nearly 2 billion. They are the next generation preparing to inherit the earth from us.

  • Research now shows us that most people who come to Christ in faith do so between the ages of 4 and 14.

  • With each passing year after age 14, resistance grows toward the Gospel. Teens, young adults, and adults become captivated by the world and their hearts began to harden toward God.

  • The 4-14 Window represents a golden hour of opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission beginning with those who are most open and receptive – the children.

  • The best way to reach adults and their families is often through their own children. Are creative ways available to connect with children and then build bridges to their parents? Yes!

  • Many parents are themselves young people between the ages of 15 and 25—another one billion of earth’s inhabitants.

  • The 4-14 Window is much more than an evangelistic opportunity to reach children. It is also the time to disciple and build into their lives moral, ethical, and spiritual character that they will carry all their lives.

  • The majority of all missionaries and Christian leaders serving full-time today came to faith in Christ as children and teens.

  • Churches effectively prioritizing evangelism and discipleship outreach ministry to children and youth can and will grow and grow.

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