2019 Update


Through the providential guidance of the Lord, Ana Maura, Queen of the BriBri First Nations People of Costa Rica had a dream. She was to go to a specific place and there a man would tell her something of great importance. Out of obedience to the dream, Ana Maura made the trip. The person she met turned out to be Pastor David Costa Salazar from San Jose, the capitol of Costa Rica. 

Ana Maura discovered through David what she had been searching for, Jesus Christ…that was two years ago in 2017. Since their first meeting David has made repeated trips to their community on the Caribbean side of
the country. The terrain is mountainous and dense jungle and it also happens to be one of the most beautiful and varied ecosystems on earth. In fact, researchers claim there are over 500,000 species of plant, animals, and insects living in this small country that contains only 1% of the planet’s land surface. 

Ana Maura and her husband Bartolino are now passionate believers in Jesus and they want Pastor David and the Global Children’s Network (GCN) team to help them reach their people. An estimated 110,000 BriBri people live in small villages or towns from the shores of the Caribbean Sea all the way up into the mountains where volcanoes still smoke from time to time. 


GCN representative in Costa Rica, Pastor David Salazar, and Jack Eggar visited with the BriBri Queen, Ana Maura in May. After prayerful consideration, Ana has invited GCN into her BriBri First Nations Tribe of 110,000 people. Though we are scheduled for a full training week with her leaders beginning this November 26, Ana Maura has
already started a Malachi Kids Club with some of the children in her community. We are thrilled at what she and her husband Bartolino are doing to prepare the way for the gospel throughout her nation.


Pastor Suba Yousaf of Lahore, Pakistan has been used of the Lord to how us a new ministry strategy that is already revolutionizing GCN. Instead  f traveling to Pakistan, I reached out to Suba six months ago. We met on WhatsApp face to face weekly for ministry discussions and training. He accepted my invitation to join GCN as our representative in Pakistan. Since the first month Suba has developed and trained a team and has led them in training churches. There are several thousand churches in Lahore alone and they have little to no training or resources when it comes to children, youth, and family ministry. Suba is my hero and he has shown us what can be done through the Internet in our world of technology. 

We now have a weekly LEADER’S FORUM on Google Hangout with 10 GCN representatives from 6 countries. The second group of 10 will be starting the third week of July. By December we expect to have a weekly LEADER’S FORUM in several other languages besides English. It is now entirely possible to have GCN representatives training churches to start Malachi Kids Clubs in over 30 countries by the end of this year. Pray for us as we further develop this model. It’s the beginning of something truly amazing that will eventuate in the salvation of millions of children and youth. 


For such a young ministry this is big news and a very big challenge. We will be focusing much of our energy in reaching out to more and more people to help us meet this challenge over the next few months.

Please help us.

Every dollar counts as we strive to match this special gift. It will enable us to expand and reach far more children and youth in Africa, India, and Latin America before the end of the year.

In 2018 we finished the year by exceeding all our ministry goals. Matching the grant before us and plowing more money into our overseas ministries will catapult us far beyond where we expected to be on December 31. We are praising the Lord for this most generous individual.


GCN is almost 2 1/2 years old and up until now we have all been working from our homes. Meeting each week through Google Hangout, ZOOM,
WhatsApp, and Skype is fast, effective, and it saves money.
However, the work load has increased monthly and a number of people have offered to volunteer a few hours each week. 

God sent David Simpson, owner of Avinger Timber Company into our lives. David understood our need and offered us an office for $50 monthly.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s only $50 a month for rent and it is 1200 square feet in size. We will now have a presence in the community and a place for a growing number of volunteers to come and work with us.

Our move-in is scheduled for the middle of July but first we need to find some furniture…



Tanzania – Paul Mamba continues to do amazing work in churches with Malachi Kids. He trained a number of Master Trainers that faithfully go out each month to train more churches and encourage pastors and club directors. Paul needs a donor to help support him on a monthly basis. This will enable Paul to work with us full time. 

Burundi– Gary Minta traveled with Paul Mamba last year to Burundi to host a Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference for 200 attendees. This opened a door for GCN that continues to produce spiritual fruit. Paul needs to travel to Burundi several times each year. He has also developed a most fascinating competition among children and youth from various churches that gather to tell Bible stories. The best story tellers are honored. Kids are really excited about telling God’s Big Story, as we call it. 

Ethiopia – Our representative Getamelkam Fikadu continues to do a most excellent job training church volunteers in churches around the capitol city of Addis Ababa. He is joining our Leader’s Forum in July. 

Zambia – Alexander Mwilambwe is our Southeastern Africa regional director. He recently gained approval from the United nations to train Christians in 54 refugee camps to start Malachi Kids Clubs. We can potentially be discipling 10,000 children and youth in the next five months. Alexander also led a full Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in Lusaka several months ago. He is busy building his leadership team. We are meeting soon on whatsApp to discuss outreach to other countries such as Malawi, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. 

Liberia – Christopher Swen has been in our Leader’s Forum for the past three months. He has already trained several churches and he is currently building his ministry team. Christopher is also receiving biblical training online through our partner ministry iTee Global. The founder and president Dr George Law worked for me a number of years at Awana. 

Ghana – Dennis Omane, our GCN representative in London, England is returning to his home country in December to spend three weeks training pastors and church leaders with our Malachi Kids ministry platform. 

Kenya – A big surprise is coming soon in regards to Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and several other countries.

I’ll let you know in August. 


Portugal – Aurora Rodriquez and her husband Gilberto are a blessing from the Lord. Aurora just completed a marriage and family conference in Northern Portugal with Sherman and Tammy Aten
from Granbury, Texas. This opens doors to take Malachi Kids to more churches and it also enables us to provide training on biblical parenting to pastors and parents. 

Spain – Dona and I had the joy of traveling to Spain with Aurora earlier this year. We were able to meet with a number of pastors to introduce the 4-14 Window as the golden hour of opportunity and GCN as a ministry dedicated to coming along side their churches to help to fulfill their mission of making disciples.

Latvia – In a few days Dona
and I will be going to the Baltic country of Latvia. We will be guests of Charles Kelley, founder and president of Bridge Builders International. I serve on their board and Charles is gathering a number of pastors and children and youth
ministry people for us to share the ministry of GCN. 

England – Dennis Omane is from Ghana, West Africa and living in London. He has just started Malachi Kids Club in his Ghanian church. There are other Ghanian churches in England he is presently contacting. 

France – Aurora Rodriquez is working closely with several translators in Paris. They are bust translating our Malachi Kids materials into the French language. 


Canada – Malachi Kids Club will officially begin in Quebec through our new representative Bwami Hushinawake. Bwami speaks French and he serves as a pastor among several churches. He will also be joining our Leader’s Forum in July. 

USA – Currently there are no hard and fast plans for starting Malachi Kids Clubs. However, we are presently meeting with several potential candidates for the role of Malachi Kids national director for the US. 


Panama – Pastor David recently traveled to Panama to meet with the senior leaders of the largest Christian denomination in the country. They gave GCN a unanimous vote of approval and invited us to do a full Malachi Kids leadership Training Conference scheduled for November 21 thru 25. 

Guatemala – Dona and I traveled to Guatemala City, Guatemala earlier this year with Julio Gonzales. We trained some church representatives that started up several Malachi Kids Clubs and we are currently looking for a
national director to take GCN forward in this beautiful land that has active volcanoes. Julio did a superb job helping us launch our GCN Family University Pastoral Counseling Program by training and certifying 12 pastors. 

Let me explain why we do this. We describe our GCN mission in three words: NEXT GENERATION DISCIPLESHIP. What makes us different from all the other children, youth, and family type ministries? We recognize that
the those that have the greatest responsibility in discipling the next generation are pastors and parents. Both are conspicuously missing from such long term discipleship initiatives in most churches. Pastors don’t generally involve themselves in children or family ministry and parents are inactive spiritually in the home. 

If GCN is serious about helping churches make next generation disciples, and we are, then we need to strategically consider how to train and empower pastors and parents in the church and home in the tedious work of disciple making. 

Costa Rica – Pastor David Salazar is an amazing leader, networker, and organizer. During my recent trip to Costa Rica, David had me speaking to three or four different groups of pastors and people each day for eight days. We traveled from the capitol of San Jose to the Pacific Ocean and back through the mountains and jungles to the Caribbean.

Two training conferences are scheduled for November 26 thru December 2. We will be training several hundred leaders in San Jose and then we will be with Queen Ana Maura and her BriBri leaders.

God sent David Simpson, owner of Avinger Timber Company into our lives. David understood our need and offered us an office for $50 monthly.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s only $50 a month for rent and it is 1200 square feet in size. We will now have a presence in the community and a place for a growing number of volunteers to come and work with us.


FIJI – GCN is in a partnership with Manna Worldwide. Manna has nutrition centers all over the world. They are located in hundreds of local churches that gather many poor children daily to feed them. Malachi Kids is a perfect fit as we bring the spiritual, story based ministry platform that helps each church better evangelize and disciple the children and youth. We have one church doing Malachi Kids and another church in process at this time. 

TAIWAN – Dona and I and our friends Dan and Lou Freeman have had such a wonderful fruit through our Marriage and Family Conferences over the past two years. There are now lots of people familiar with us, but what we need going forward is a trained GCN representative. Pray that the Lord will send us someone that can help us launch Malachi Kids in this fascinating nation. 

INDONESIA – The Bloomingdale Church in Bloomingdale, Illinois gave us a most generous grant to begin ministry in the largest Islamic country in the world. Our most capable ministry partner and GCN representative Frank Carmical is going there in November to meet with ministry leaders. The outcome will be Malachi Kids Clubs starting up in 2020. 

VENEZUELA – The dictator of Venezuela has plunged this once prosperous nation into poverty and despair. In spite of him, the Lord is still at work through GCN and our most capable representative Gustavo. Gustavo is
creative and he does much of our curriculum art work and more.
because of the lack of functional utilities, he has asked us to
help fund a small Honda generator that he can get into the
country for less than $500. This will enable him to continue his
valuable digital work with us.

Pray for Gustavo and the children of Venezuela. 

INDIA – With India approaching 1.5 billion citizens, we see this great land as a region rather than a country. GCN in India is rapidly becoming an
amazing story because of our capable leader and regional director William Gordon. William set a goal this year of bringing five missionaries onboard with GCN, training leaders and opening Malachi Kids in five states, and having MKC materials translated into five different languages. Amazingly, William is on track to finish the year on target though we have hardly given him much to work with. 

CHINA – Authorities in China are cracking down hard on Christians. They continue to see Christianity as a threat to their official atheistic stand
against any belief system. So, nothing will be stated in this letter as things have a way of getting out and that would jeopardize good ministry going on at this time.

Please pray for our friends there. 

Fifteen training videos have been recorded.  All are now online at our
website:  https://globalchildrensnetwork.org

(Go To RESOURCES option, and must be logged in to access videos)

Please watch them to learn more about GCN.

Webinars, training videos, and online meetings with our people around the world will enable us to expand much faster than anticipated.

Let me leave you with this thought.

A million churches need GCN’s help in children, youth, and family
ministry. We can come equip churches by providing excellent
training solutions and digital resources to help them train up
the next generation of disciples.

Thank you for serving the Lord with us. We are honored to have you with us.