"Empowering churches to lead next generation disciples."


Who We Are

We value God's family, working in unity. Our mission is to equip church leaders and parents around the world in the Great Commision, as they lead children and youth to follow Jesus as the next generation of disciples.

We accomplish this mission through providing three services.

Rooted in our Malachi Kids Club program, we equip our pastors to lead and train parents to become spiritual leaders. In turn, parents become spiritual trainers of their children in their homes.

For our ever expanding library of programs, we have growing digital resources in multiple languages. This includes training materials for families, pastors, and church volunteers.

 Churches have the opportunity to connect through Family Camps. Additionally, we connect pastors and family ministry advocates from around the world to inspire and learn from each other.

What We Do

Our Impact in 2020

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How We Do It

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We continue to expand our library of resources. What makes GCN unique is our excellent multilingual digital resources that we provide to churches for free. Our library includes material for pastors, parents, and church volunteers that train them to lead and become spiritual leaders in church and at home.


Empowering churches to lead next generation disciples.



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